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International Women’s Day 2023

Cork, Ireland, March 2023  – Metabolomic Diagnostics is supporting International Women’s Day for the whole month of March 2023. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY (MARCH 8) purposefully celebrates the achievements of women and girls in every field and sector and is a call for action to advance gender #equality and #equity. This year’s hashtag, #embraceequity, helps us highlight how equitable access to maternal health is fundamental.

An analysis by United Nations agencies has found that most countries are unlikely to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of reducing maternal mortality rates. Most countries and regions have had drops in their maternal mortality ratio between 2000 and 2020, but the pace of decline has stalled since the goal was set.
Eight nations in particular, including Cyprus, Greece and the United States, have seen maternal mortality ratios increase.

Most maternal deaths are due to preventable causes. Metabolomic Diagnostics‘ mission is to change those numbers and make every pregnancy safer. You can read more in this Nature article.

A growing body of evidence suggests a strong association between inequity and preeclampsia. You can read more about it on our LinkedIn page.

In celebration of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY (MARCH 8), our own Elizabeth, helped by our business intern Ciara, organized an excellent get-together to celebrate and educate everyone at our offices/lab.

We are raising awareness for a cause very dear to us, #preeclampsia and #equity. 👩🏻‍⚕️If you want to get involved with improving equity in maternal healthcare, you can donate directly to the Preeclampsia Foundation through this link.


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