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Job Description

Metabolomic Diagnostics Ltd is  located in Cork, Ireland. The company is developing novel and innovative tests to predict pregnancy related complications prior to their clinical manifestation. The technology is based on the quantification of metabolites as present in the bloodstream early in the pregnancy. To further Metabolomic Diagnostics’ product development, it is hiring an experienced Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry researcher / operator. The successful candidate preferably has a track record of developing quantitative LC-MS/MS assays and exhibits an entrepreneurial spirit.


Job Responsibilities

  • Develop LC-MS/MS protocols (from sample prep up to data analysis) for the analysis of panels of endogenous molecules in support of large scale clinical studies.
  • Design and perform validation studies in support of driving an LC-MS/MS based diagnostic product into the market.
  • Execute LC-MSMS studies on large sample cohorts and perform real-time data analysis to QA the data generated.
  • Draft, review and approve documentation on product development work undertaken in support of the company’s Quality Management System.
  • Perform routine maintenance and troubleshoot instrument related problems on the LC-MS/MS set ups available.
  • Assist in exploring novel LC-MSMS based product opportunities and execution of Proof of Concept studies.
  • Present data to different audiences: internal, industry partners, scientific meetings


  • Masters or PhD in Bioanalytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Science, or related field;
  • Strong project management, compliance, communication, and people skills;
  • More than 3 years hands on experience in quantitative analyses and/or bioanalysis that includes instrumentation (HPLC, LC-MS/MS, chromatography, solution chemistry, extraction techniques, automation, etc.;)
  • Experience of clinical or industrial research.
  • Flexible approach is necessary to work in a fast paced innovative environment

Desirable Attributes

  • Direct working experience in Good Laboratory Practices is preferred.
  • Experience in the elucidation of unknowns by mass spectrometry
  • Experience in lab automation
  • Knowledge of and experience with EMEA / FDA Bioanalytical Method Validation guideline, CLSI guidelines (or equivalent)


Working with Metabolomic Diagnostics

The position presents a unique experience to be part of a dynamic, international team focused on delivering novel mass spectrometry diagnostic solutions for mothers-to-be to the market. As a member of the product development team you will contribute to the product development process itself, giving great sense of co-ownership and pride when successful. Being part of an early stage company presents a great opportunity to rapidly expand one’s experience beyond the technical aspects of mass spectrometry, as you will be involved in transforming sound scientific work into a commercially viable product.


Interested applicants should contact careers@metabolomicdiagnostics .com or call Hillary Cronin on +353 86 858 1607 for more information

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