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Metabolomic Diagnostics appoints a new CEO and announces new funding

Metabolomic Diagnostics
Little Island
Cork, Ireland

Metabolomic Diagnostics, the Ireland based deep tech medical diagnostics company, today announced the completion of a further venture capital funding round and the appointment of Dr. Robin Tuytten to the position of Chief Executive. The investment is led by existing investors including SOSV, Enterprise Equity, Enterprise Ireland and serial entrepreneur investor Dr Jim Walsh.

Metabolomic Diagnostics is globally recognized for its expertise in creating novel biomarker based diagnostic solutions for complex diseases. The company’s high-performance R&D team has developed an effective pipeline to firstly identify diagnostic biomarker panels and then translate these panels into clinical assays ready for application in the clinical laboratory. This pipeline combines the biomarker multiplexing capabilities of Mass Spectrometry, a powerful analytical technology, with the company’s own informatics and statistics solutions to deliver diagnostic innovation. This is reflected in Metabolomic Diagnostics’ strong and versatile IP portfolio of technical innovations and biomarkers.

Currently, the company is finalizing an early pregnancy risk prediction test for pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy complication which kills 60-70,000 mothers a year and is often associated with early term babies. Women who have had preeclampsia are at increased risk of heart disease and stroke later in life. Identification of the women at risk for the condition early in pregnancy, allows prenatal care providers to personalize their care, and to start preventative treatments.

“Finalization of the preeclampsia risk panel is a key milestone in our roadmap of establishing a portfolio of diagnostic solutions for pregnancy risk. We are now working with providers of established screening tests to bring this technology to market as soon as possible to the benefit of pregnant women and their prenatal care providers. Our team is already working on similar solutions for gestational diabetes and preterm birth.

We are confident that Metabolomic Diagnostics’ biomarker panels for identifying pregnancies at risk, in conjunction with the rapid adoption of mass spectrometry in clinical laboratories, will bring more effective testing solutions to a global market.” Said Dr Tuytten.

“Dr Tuytten has been leading the company’s R&D programs for 8 years, most recently as the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, and is a widely respected leader in the field of mass spectrometry and women’s health “said Charles Garvey Exec Chairman of the company.

Professor Louise Kenny who is the Executive Pro Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at the University of Liverpool and who co-founded the company in 2013, welcomed the investment and the appointment of Dr Tuytten. “we are so close to a clinically available test with a higher efficacy and accuracy than any existing test for preeclampsia and this accelerates the plan.”

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